A few steps from the Tillau, many activities await you to make you discover the treasures of our region. Among them:

Joux Castle

Joux Castle close to hotel restaurant Le Tillau

© MOUCHET Amanda – Joux Castle

A fort located in the centre of a magnificent natural site, Joux Castle presents, across 2 hectares, the evolution of military architecture from the Middle Ages to the Joffre-type fort. A state prison, it held such illustrious characters as Mirabeau and Toussaint Louverture.

To visit the castle you have to join a guided tour (you cannot visit without a guide).
15 minutes away by car.

Les Fils d’Emile PERNOT distillery

Distillerie Les Fils d’Emile PERNOT 10 min away from hotel restaurant Le Tillau

Les Fils d’Emile PERNOT distillery

A French absinthe specialist, the Les Fils d’Emile PERNOT distillery invites you to visit its unique setting and try its specialities from the Haut-Doubs region. The free guided tour will introduce you to absinthe and its history and will end with a free tasting of the products.

Located at La Cluse à Mijoux, 10 minutes away by car.

The Absinthe Road

Absinthe road from Pontarlier

© Perret Guillaume – The Absinthe Road

Today an itinerary through France and Switzerland starting at Pontarlier (Pontarlier was the absinthe capital) and ending at Noiraigue in Switzerland allows you to discover about twenty remarkable sites (distilleries, drying sheds, museums), and links together all of the agricultural, industrial, cultural, historical and tourist sites related to absinthe.
An unusual and fun circuit, this Road takes visitors to the heart of absinthe country and can be travelled on foot, on a bike or on a horse.

Pontarlier Municipal Museum

Pontarlier museum, 20 minutes away from Le Tillau hotel restaurant

© S. CLosson – Pontarlier Municipal Museum

Founded in 1977, the Pontarlier Museum is in one of Pontarlier’s oldest houses (15th century). The building still has a beautiful set of Art Nouveau-style stained glass windows and beams decorated with anecdotal scenes dating back to the 17th century.
The Pontarlier Museum holds three floors of collections linked to the history of Pontarlier and absinthe, archeological collections (from Prehistoric times to the Middle Ages), French Comté paintings and earthenware.

20 minutes away by car.

Maison de la réserve

Hotel Restaurant Le Tillau

Maison de la Réserve

Beautiful and innovative exhibitions on the fauna and flora of the Haut-Doubs region, in a very natural setting and atmosphere. Passionate about fauna, flora and the management of natural environments, our association protects, manages and raises awareness of a site that is full of natural riches: the Remoray Lake Nature Reserve in Labergement Sainte-Marie.

30 minutes away by car.

Vallorbe caves

Vallorbe Cave

Vallorbe caves

Another world, where the floor is the same as the ceiling, and where you feel at first like a giant, and then tiny. More than a visit, going through these caves is a journey back in time amidst limestone statues and natural mirrors…
Chemin de la Résurgence 1, 1337 Vallorbe, Switzerland.
40 minutes away by car.

For more informations:

Office du Tourisme de Pontarlier: https://www.pontarlier.org

Tourisme en Franche-Comté : www.franche-comte.org et www.montagnes-du-jura.fr